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Sleep Advocate Diane Gillespie, PhD, shares her strategies to enhance natural sleep while fundraising for the Global Humanitarian organization Tostan.


SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – August 14, 2018 – “Sleep Stories Are Coming to a City Near You”. Diane Gillespie is empowering African communities by donating all proceeds from her latest book Stories for Getting Back to Sleep to the global humanitarian nonprofit, Tostan. As a long-standing Global Mobilizer, she is especially moved by the emerging women leaders in Tostan communities and by their commitment to a human rights agenda.  


In Stories for Getting Back to Sleep, educational psychologist Diane Gillespie, PhD, uses her knowledge and understanding of stories to craft sleep scenarios designed to help people fall back to sleep in the middle of the night.  The stories are set in relaxing places conducive to sleep: cozy mountain cabins, luxurious spas, a tropical beach, an overstuffed chair in a Victorian Bed and Breakfast. In each story, the character secures her surroundings.  Then through the process of attending to peaceful details in the setting, she relaxes her body, lets worries float away and sinks deeper and deeper into stillness--until she is sound asleep. Readers are encouraged to remember the sequence of events so that in darkness they can crawl back into bed, pull up their covers, imagine themselves in the stories and go back to sleep.


“Stories for Getting Back to Sleep” can increase the well being of anyone who struggles with sleep disturbance.  I am excited to be able to help so many people in this way, but knowing that my work also goes towards empowering individuals by providing education in West Africa makes it all the more rewarding.”


For more information, or to inquire about Diane or Stories for Getting Back to Sleep, please contact Diane at Want to help further? More of the profits go to Tostan when you order 5 or more books directly from Diane ( You could also publicize the book through social media, write book reviews online, and ask your local bookstores to display it in a prominent place.


Tostan is an award-winning human rights based nonformal education program working across six West African countries.  Their results include, among many others, empowering women to run for local political offices, leading communities to abandon harmful practices such as Female Genital Cutting and Child Marriage, and preserving and nurturing positive social practices that create healthy, harmonious communities.



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